Bin Cleaning

You would be amazed if you were to really closely examine the kind of stuff that goes into a bin on a daily basis. The kind of stuff that you would find in there including kitchen waste and other stuff are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, rats, roaches and other vermin. And I haven’t even started to mention industrial bins.

An industrial bin is used much more frequently and is used to dump much harsher and stronger materials. And it directly affects the hygiene that you maintain at your facility. If you wish to maintain high standards of cleanliness then it is important that you clean these bins on a regular basis. And no, you do not have to ask your staff to do the dirty work. Bin cleaning is an extremely difficult task that requires the hand of a specialist.

Professional bin cleaning

Beacon Industrial Services has been offering professional bin cleaning services for over 20 years. We use specialized equipment and technology to fully clean, wash, sanitize or vacuum your industrial bins making them as good as new. We ensures that only biodegradable chemicals are used in industrial bin cleaning. In our bin cleaning services we use the mildest cleaning solution possible and disposes of the water following local, state and federal laws .

Beacon Industrial Services offers a gamut of professional; industrial cleaning services including a complete bin hygiene package. They have an extremely skilled team of experts who arrive on your site and clean your bins. The best part is that the work area is left clean and orderly and none of your day to day operations are disrupted.

Above all, protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees, along with the equipment assets, is our highest priority while working on customer sites.