Overhead Cleaning

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While out of sight is out of mind, what goes up will come down. Dust, oil mist, raw material, and forklift tire dust are just a few deposits found on ceilings, walls, pipes, lights, vents, and fans throughout production and warehouse areas. Cleaning at heights is a serious endeavor requiring certification, expertise, and experience. Working around production assets and plant personnel requires constant safety awareness and extreme diligence.

Annual shutdowns and outages are the most popular time for cleaning overheads. Preparations for audits, corporate visits, and compliance may not align with that schedule and call for working when least disruptive to your needs; weekends, second or third shift.

overhead cleaning

Overhead Cleaning

Esthetics aside, the worst-case scenario is the risk of combustible dust and the dangers associated with the possibly or explosion under certain conditions. Less dire but undesirable are product contamination, audit citation and employee health issues.

Although OSHA has recently removed Combustible Dust Standard from its Regulatory Agenda, it does not mitigate the risk. Depending on your industry, you may already have a dust hazard assessment and established a frequency of controls, inspection and cleaning.

Beacon Industrial Services has helped clients in various industries in controlling their dust build issues. Based on a site visit and assessment, we will provide a comprehensive quote to address your specific needs.

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