Duct Cleaning

Professional air duct cleaning for AC ducts and heat exchangers

There is very little that we can do about the polluted air that we breathe outside. But very few people know that the quality of the air that we breathe indoors can be equally worse. In fact, some experts link a number of respiratory allergies like asthma and emphysema, for example, are indicators of the fact that we are clearly ignoring an impending danger. The situation becomes all the more grave in an industrial setting.

An industrial site which has multiple machines, heating units, air conditioning units, HVAC systems can quickly turn into a collecting and breeding ground for mold, fungi and bacteria. Not to mention the fact that accumulation of dust and debris can affect the performance of the machines thereby reducing output.

However, regular and precise cleaning of the vents and air ducts can help avoid all the above mentioned problems and keep the environment in your workplace clean and hygienic.

vent cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Services

Below are several types of Duct Cleaning techniques implemented by Beacon Industrial Services:

  • Contact cleaning through HEPA vacuuming, scraping and brushing.
  • Hot hydro-jet cleaning.
  • Removal of ductwork in sections, cleaning and reinstalling.
  • All these methods are equally effective and can are used to keep the air ducts and vents completely clean.

Beacon Industrial Services offers a wide array of customized cleaning solutions for industries spanning across all sectors. Apart from quality vent and air duct cleaning services, the company also offers services like dust collectors and bag houses, cooling tower cleaning, silo cleaning, air handling unit cleaning, hydro jet technologies and much more. If you are looking for cleaning and maintenance solutions, then look no further.