Our Processes

processes icon overhead


Typically refers to ceiling, conduit, piping, external surfaces of duct work, ledges, lights, fans, any horizontal surfaces typically out of reach needing ladders, or more likely aerial lifts, to reach.

Note: Sometimes when clients refer to overhead cleaning, they also want us to clean the walls surrounding the above areas.

processes icon vaccuum


Depending on the processes of the company we’re working for, we will be cleaning dry particulate; dust, dirt, by-product (example: in a bakery it will be dry ingredients that are used in making bread) which would typically call for us to use HEPA equipped vacuums to remove the dry accumulation of debris. If the dirt and by-product settle on white pipes, there may be discoloration and the customer may request that in addition to vacuuming, we also hand wipe certain areas so the surfaces "look" clean in addition to being clean.

processes icon foaming


If we’re working in a “wet environment” let’s say the plant where they make donuts, the oils used in the process will over time go up and settle on the horizontal (or vertical) surfaces. In those situations, depending on the logistics of the area, we may use a few different techniques to clean the surfaces.
We may use an approved cleaning agent in conjunction with a foaming system and apply cleaner to the soiled surfaces. Allowing for dwell time, we will use brushes to agitate and rinse with water. Depending on the set up of the area, we will either allow the wash water to flow into the plant drains which lead to the plant water treatment system, or if that’s not an option, we will collect the water into containers and stage for proper disposal following local, state and federal regulations

processes icon hand wiping


Working in an area not conducive to foaming/rinsing, we offer hand wiping using the appropriate cleaning agent and water and white rags, we hand wipe the surfaces, removing the dirt.

processes icon co2 blast


When the other methods are not appropriate and hand wiping is too labor intensive; cost and time, the method that works very well is CO2 (dry ice) blasting.

processes icon sodium bicarbonate blast


Baking soda crystals manufactured specifically for cleaning, paint and rust removal do a very good job where appropriate.

our process

  • Soda Blast Cleaning / Sodium Bicarbonate
  • CO2 Dry Ice Blast
  • Pressure Washing
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Hand Cleaning
  • Vacuuming

We use the latest technology and specialized equipment.