Beacon scope of work

Scope of Work

Scope of Work: You could be overpaying vendor quotes. 

Incomplete details on the true scope of work your facility requires often lead to overpaying and time delays because walk-throughs lead to assumptions that turn into facts on a quote.

The customer is likely busy, and working under a deadline, and conducts a walk-through making verbal comments regarding the details of the cleaning required. Important factors are often overlooked.

Why is this happening?

Depending on how many bidders take part, each visit is abridged.  Based on their walk-through each vendor may have heard different details. The customer may have overlooked some pertinent items leaving each company to make assumptions that show up in the pricing.

One company may include sanitizing while others do not. One may include an innovative method that results in much better results while the other does not. This wastes time since the customer now needs to clarify the disparity or inquire as to why something is missing or included, the proverbial apple versus orange conundrum.

scope of work

A practical and common-sense solution to over-quoting.

The Beacon Scope Document is designed by Beacon Industrial Services as a short form to view the project and also serves as a method to help deter overlooking important details. Consider the value of having a working document the industrial cleaning service will have when cleaning a cooling tower, overhead cleaning, exhaust, or machine cleaning.

You will benefit from the Beacon Scope Document:

Beacon Industrial Service removes disputes, miscommunication, delays, expensive rework, and more. Ready. Before you need us. Contact Lela Klajman today to learn more about the Beacon Scope Document. Call 888-671-3939

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