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Beacon Industrial Services Reality Check

There are some things you just can’t Google.

It’s become very easy to Google a vendor or supplier. Google will provide a multitude of choices in list after list. What Google can’t give you is real-world referrals that are meaningful. And you need more than digital hearsay. Regardless of how many stars you see in a search, you have no idea of the validity. Star gazing is great for NASA, but it’s a risk in manufacturing facilities.

Ask the people in the know. puzzle piece

When Beacon Industrial Services is involved in the industrial cleaning process for a customer, they often ask us if we can recommend another vendor to handle a particular issue they want resolved. So, why didn’t they just “Google it?” Because when they ask us, they realize that the vendor/supplier we recommend is one we have used and have experience with and can actually vouch for. We have worked with them in the field, side-by-side with a deadline looming. You can’t get that from a computer screen.

Beacon Industrial Services puts the right pieces together

Removing the unknown factor.

The customer knows that we are not going to refer someone we hardly know. This kind of relationship is of high value to a customer. They are gaining information from Beacon Industrial Services directly, with regard to another vendor. They’re not counting review stars on a screen. They’re counting on us instead of wondering who to call and trust.

Call Beacon Industrial Services before you Google

We can help you make a wise decision. And when you are asked about an industrial cleaning service, you might return the favor! So call us today. We can help. Call 888.671.3939 or visit our website:

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