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Company Referrals Reality Check

There are some things you just can’t Google. It’s become very easy to Google a vendor or supplier. Google will provide a multitude of choices in list after list. What Google can’t give you is real-world referrals that are meaningful. And you need more than digital hearsay. Regardless of how many stars you see in a search, you have no idea of the validity. Star gazing is great for NASA, but it’s a risk in […]

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Merry Christmas

This Christmas, we are proud to support the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, an organization dedicated to honoring the sacrifices of our first responders, veterans, and their families. The foundation’s mission aligns seamlessly with our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. As we celebrate the spirit of Christmas, let us come together to extend our support and express our gratitude to those who have dedicated their lives to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Beacon Industrial Services LLC! As we gather with family and friends to count our blessings, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to each and every one of you – our incredible community and customers.

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It’s not just what you offer: your customers want…

Commitment! What your company is committed to deliver uniquely and consistently is what makes you dependable and if done right—indispensable. Even working with the most demanding customers, commitment keeps the relationship beneficial.   Often, companies only focus on service or product solutions. In the field of industrial cleaning, that is a given. The real power is commitment to the customer.   Commitment means providing clarity to the customer.   The process of industrial cleaning, whether […]

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tank cleaning

It’s really not about how long you’ve been in business.

It’s not just that Beacon Industrial has been involved in the industrial cleaning business for over 25 years, it’s what we have learned and experienced in the industrial cleaning category that makes us unique. Servicing a piece of equipment that’s down, while the facility is in full operation requires more than cleaning knowledge. You need to understand and work logistically. You have to work around people and processes. That’s something you don’t learn in a […]

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The Hot Weather is Here

A Clean Blast: Our Cooling Towers CO2 Cleaning Solution There are situations when a special solution is required for industrial cleaning. When other methods are not appropriate, and hand wiping is too labor intensive in both cost and time, the method that works with excellence is our Beacon Blizzard Blast CO2 Method. More Effective Cleaning Our precision Beacon Blizzard Blast delivers a more effective industrial cleaning method than many others such as sand blasting and […]

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Beacon Industrial Services Added Value

Value added? Consider how a simple item that belonged to a loved one can take on a whole new meaning. A small pendant that a mother wore transforms into a prized and perhaps priceless possession to a daughter. A tarnished old ring that grandpa wore becomes a powerful memory for a grandson. What is a baseball worth when it was hit as a homerun and flies into the stands caught by a fan? A baseball […]

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Don’t forget, it’s time to be cool and clean again.

By way of reminder, it’s time for us to perform maintenance on your cooling towers. Hot weather will be here soon. We want to assure that your cooling towers get the proper maintenance and care that is essential to your operational efficiency.   It’s not something to overlook.   Proper care of your cooling towers is essential for efficiency. Proper maintenance controls microbial growth, proliferation and calcium scale build up. That’s what will affect the […]

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At 40,000 feet it’s too late… Learn more

At 40,000 feet it’s too late to do a checklist. All pilots must have a written checklist prior to take off. The FAA accident record shows that some pilots ignore that safety checklist. Ignoring that results in tragic results. Some of the pilot’s reasoning for ignoring checklists is experience, that is, being overly familiar with the aircraft, inconvenience, and keeping up with schedule pressures. The fact is that failing to use a checklist is a […]

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Don’t let your facility to get over exhausted because…Learn more

Because most exhaust cleaning is overlooked.  Your exhaust system is critical to the removal of odors, many contaminants and impurities that leave the air unhealthy. Often, it’s the classic case of “sight unseen.” That’s why Beacon Industrial Services can provide a proactive maintenance approach that alleviates dirty exhaust systems.   The longer your system remains unattended the more contaminants build up with grease, grime and other forms of debris, all eventually producing polluted air which […]

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