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What are your vendors doing to ease inflation?

Every business must deal with the challenges that inflation brings. Some of the ways business is affected starts with rising costs of goods and shortage of materials and products. This leads to production delays and lessens revenue. Further, it hits cash flow and purchasing power.   Inflation is a major concern and requires detailed and attentive alertness. Depending on a company’s size and market position, some are in a position to simply adjust by raising […]

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The value of single source

As always, the industrial marketplace continues to bring new challenges and opportunities to business. In terms of opportunity, one of the ways Beacon Industrial Services adds value to its customers is the single-source approach. When we provide single source industrial cleaning solutions to a company, the result is savings and convenience, two factors every business seeks. As we continue to service your company, we become familiar with operations, spaces, and places. This streamlines service at less […]

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Your Business is Important to us: Really?

“Your business is very important to us; a team member will be with you shortly.” That pleasant, recorded voice has now repeated the message for the fifth time and you’ve now been on hold for 7 minutes (maybe longer). Then you have the “Your call is very important to us.” You’ve heard those words more often than you care to remember. Then the automated attendant asks for your account number and sometimes the last four […]

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A Different and Vital Approach to Empowerment

Empowerment? Yes. And we don’t mean only for our employees, we mean our customers. Think about it. When we work in a facility, that company’s work depends on how well their equipment functions when we are done or how fast we can get it back in operation. That’s empowering the customer. Terms like empowerment have often been relegated to the “soft measure,” but there’s nothing soft about a company’s ability to be productive. Yes, that’s […]

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Name Dropping or Validation

We all know that a business cannot exist without loyal customers. What is it that supports customer loyalty? Consistent service solutions, proper pricing, relationship, anticipating challenges and many other customer-first factors. That’s a commitment that’s good for both Beacon Industrial Services and our customers.  When these factors are in place, solid relationships come about. The customer logos on our website help put a face on our service. They help show the value in a business […]

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How to apply industrial planning as a competitive advantage…

Just as cleaning is vital part of your facility, planning can provide a competitive advantage for you as well. At Beacon Industrial Services, we have supported  customers in developing advantages over their competition with proper planning for cleaning requirements. The next series of posts will offer you some of the most practical ways to see planning from a competitive viewpoint. The first post will present the power of planning for “Increased Performance.” If you can’t […]

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Expertise based on industrial experience assures customer-first service

Hands-on in the field is where a service is tested. Meeting unexpected problems is quite often routine. Knowing what to do when supporting customers in industrial, commercial, and institutional categories requires taking action. That’s where specialized service expertise comes into play. At-A-Glance Beacon Industrial Specialized Cleaning : Process equipment Mechanical systems Facility infrastructure Air-handlers Duct work Cooling towers Exhaust systems Air/heat coils Heat exchangers Machinery Industrial exhaust dust and fume collection systems Change-outs of bag-house […]

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How to make industrial cleaning a safety solution

From equipment to the manufacturing floor, cleanliness can minimize injuries and equipment failure, which directly impacts your bottom line and customer relations. A well-cared for facility adds value to your image when key people and visitors arrive. Your employees will feel a higher level of morale. What’s more, well maintained, pre-planned cleaning helps you avoid disruptions, delays, and added cost. We are experts who can keep you ahead of problems and lost productivity.  Call us […]

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Plan for Success

One of the most effective and often underused tools of project management is communicating the full scope of work being done in a specific area during an upcoming project to all parties. With various vendors working alongside, on top of, or underneath, advance knowledge gives each company the opportunity to ensure the safety of others, adjust plans, maximize productivity, and avoid obstacles that can lead to: Last minute pressures Unexpected change orders Possible delay of […]

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Planning, Process, and People Make the Difference.

Developing solutions requires a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements. This goes a long way in assuring satisfaction and success. Over years of experience in a wide variety of industrial cleaning projects, we have developed a process that efficiently saves time and money for our customers. Every project is based on:   Starting with a goal of the customer’s requirements. Industry knowledge and expertise. Ensuring cost-efficient results. Minimizing downtime. Arriving on site ready to […]

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