The value of single source

As always, the industrial marketplace continues to bring new challenges and opportunities to business. In terms of opportunity, one of the ways Beacon Industrial Services adds value to its customers is the single-source approach. When we provide single source industrial cleaning solutions to a company, the result is savings and convenience, two factors every business seeks.

As we continue to service your company, we become familiar with operations, spaces, and places. This streamlines service at less cost and saves you time.


Simplifying the Process

What company doesn’t want to simplify their processes while reducing cost? With Beacon Industrial Services, you receive a single point of contact and one billing process. It’s a business strategy that goes to your bottom line. You have a partner service that can supplement your in-house sanitation team and provide projects outside their expertise.  We can inform you of preventative measures that will minimize emergency work and downtime. These two factors alone support the single source approach.

Beacon can handle industrial cleaning challenges across the board with specialized services and affiliate partners to address virtually all your needs. If we can’t clean it, we know who can!

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 Start Simplifying Today

If you’re seeking ways to transfer cleaning services to one supplier, we can shed a great deal of light on the best way forward. There is no obligation to have a conversation. 888.671.3939

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