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Prepare for a Successful Audit

Prepare for a successful audit before the audit to achieve a “Superior Rating.”

Completing an audit successfully results in enhancing your record, encouraging employees, stake holders and above all your customers. Every audit makes you feel, “We have to pass this,” but it takes project management to accomplish.

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What is Your Goal???

Clearly, your goal is to be rated “100” or “Superior.” Supporting your goal to hit those ratings is what we do. But it takes time, so pre-planning is critical, and saves money with no additional overtime or increased pressure. Plus, the better you do on the annual audit, the less time and money you’ll need to spend getting ready for separate visits and audits. In addition to having a pristine facility, it’s a powerful marketing tool for your image.
Every audit brings its own challenges regardless of who conducts it:
or your own internal audits.
There’s tremendous detail in your daily operation, from hiring, training, documentation to execution, all of it requires time and diligence, especially when resources are finite. All that in addition to the intricacy of your Master Sanitation Schedules (MSS), and the proverbial elephant in the room, production schedules, complete with upsets, and surprises.
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Millions are invested in image.

Successful audits are powerful marketing tools to attract new customers, enhance loyalty with current customers and to your own employees. Companies invest millions in brand building and crafting an image. Your overall facility is a visual extension of your brand image.

There’s a lot to it.

Every function under your roof is subject to critique: Overheads, Exhaust, Process Equipment, Silos, Tanks, and much more. While these requirements are in play, you still need to run your plant and produce. It’s a lot to take on which means not allowing enough time will make it harder than it already is.

An outside view can provide key insights.

Throughout our time in the cleaning industry, we have learned many important lessons that we share in detail with customers. In many ways we provide a “Heads Up,” that can make all the difference. As well as you understand the process, there are key points that someone with an outside view can offer. This will help you be well prepared for a successful auditing process. And that will help your company grow, attract new customers and more revenue.
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Accomplishing your goal.

Your goal is to pass an audit.
Many of the most demanding companies trust us to be an integral part of their preparation. From site visit consultation to scheduling and cleaning, our staff takes the process with deep commitment. You receive the support needed to identify and correct areas outside the scope of in-house capacity. The better you do, the better we do to build long-lasting relationships.
We are dedicated to that responsibility. There’s no obligation to discuss your goals. A few moments now can save great time and expense later.

Many of the companies we serve have been with us for years. Remember, you are the customer; we work for you! To learn more, go to: today, or call us to discuss your challenge in confidence.  888-671-3939.

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