Beacon Industrial Services Added Value

Value added?

Consider how a simple item that belonged to a loved one can take on a whole new meaning. A small pendant that a mother wore transforms into a prized and perhaps priceless possession to a daughter. A tarnished old ring that grandpa wore becomes a powerful memory for a grandson. What is a baseball worth when it was hit as a homerun and flies into the stands caught by a fan? A baseball is a baseball, right? Perhaps not. A baseball in this context gains immediate financial, personal and collectable value.

industrial cleaning services

The Value to Customers

From the Beacon Industrial Services position, we see value in a specific way: Value is the worth in monetary terms of the technical, economic, service, and other benefits a customer receives from our offerings. In over 25 years of industrial cleaning, customers have shown us what they expect in terms of value. That is why our services have been honed to a sharp edge that cuts through the typical industry excuses for not delivering on what is expected.

Value added or intrinsic?

Our values are embedded in every service function we offer such as: bin, cooling tower, coil, exhaust, machinery, tank, duct and facility industrial cleaning. Each one is treated uniquely to assure proper and effective cleaning solutions.

This applies whether it’s routine maintenance, planned or contract cleaning, or addressing unexpected emergencies that must be handled quickly to get your process back online productively.  Beacon Industrial Services doesn’t believe in adding value, value must be fully inherent in every service and contact with our customers.

Learn more about how we can provide this unique mindset to your company’s industrial cleaning needs. Contact Lela Klajman today. 888-671-3939

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