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It’s really not about how long you’ve been in business.

It’s not just that Beacon Industrial has been involved in the industrial cleaning business for over 25 years, it’s what we have learned and experienced in the industrial cleaning category that makes us unique. Servicing a piece of equipment that’s down, while the facility is in full operation requires more than cleaning knowledge. You need to understand and work logistically. You have to work around people and processes. That’s something you don’t learn in a book, it takes in the field experience.

Down-time has far reaching effects 


The Beacon mindset is more than an approach to cleaning, we’ve made industrial cleaning a business strategy that supports our customers. One of our most serious views is that we are not merely helping our direct customers, but we are supporting their customers as well. Down-time hurts business throughout the delivery cycle. Industrial cleaning is a serious responsibility.

That is one reason why Beacon Industrial Services provides solutions we have customized for the cleaning and maintenance of:


·       Process equipment

·       Mechanical systems

·       Facility infrastructure


Our decades of expertise in predictive maintenance, preventative maintenance and maintenance agreement contracts have made us a trusted name in industrial cleaning, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Here is our success formula for customers:


Our industrial cleaning services improve the efficiency of equipment

 while minimizing downtime, leading to improvement in output and reduced costs.


Customers benefit from our understanding for timely and professional response combined with a skilled workforce and advanced cleaning methods. Why settle for anything less, after all, you are the customer.


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