industrial cleaning services

It’s not just what you offer: your customers want…

Commitment! What your company is committed to deliver uniquely and consistently is what makes you dependable and if done right—indispensable. Even working with the most demanding customers, commitment keeps the relationship beneficial.


Often, companies only focus on service or product solutions. In the field of industrial cleaning, that is a given. The real power is commitment to the customer.


Commitment means providing clarity to the customer.


The process of industrial cleaning, whether it’s process or mechanical systems, facility infrastructure, air-handlers, duct work, cooling towers…you name it, keeping the customer informed must not be overlooked.  In the cleaning process, many potential issues are discovered.  Simply repairing and departing the facility isn’t a true commitment to excellence. At Beacon Industrial we explain not only potential problems, but we advance solutions. Our skilled service teams see first-hand what almost no one else can.


Industrial cleaning supports the customer’s competitive advantage.


Our commitment provides customers with information that often prevents down-time in their manufacturing process and allows them to do something about issues that are present and probable. Yes, that takes extra time (commitment), but it provides customers with a practical competitive advantage.


industrial cleaning services

Commitment is all about action!


Commitment in full service.


Commitment also requires a wide array of services, process and equipment to handle:


–Air/heat coils and heat exchangers

–Machinery, industrial exhaust dust and fume collection systems

–Change-outs of bag-house filters and central vacuum systems

–Blast cleaning and Pressure washing

–Dry ice blasting and sodium bicarbonate blasting removes dirt, grease, rust, and coatings.

–Contact vacuuming overheads removes dirt, combustible dust, cobwebs, and byproduct.

–Hand wiping ceilings, walls, conduit and piping to remove grease and residue oil mist.

–Confined space entry for ducts, blenders, industrial ovens, silos and elevator pit cleaning.

–Cleaning of clean rooms to designated measurement. And more!


A call to Lela Klajman today could save you time and money tomorrow. It has many times before!  888-671-3939

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