At 40,000 feet it’s too late… Learn more

At 40,000 feet it’s too late to do a checklist. All pilots must have a written checklist prior to take off. The FAA accident record shows that some pilots ignore that safety checklist. Ignoring that results in tragic results. Some of the pilot’s reasoning for ignoring checklists is experience, that is, being overly familiar with the aircraft, inconvenience, and keeping up with schedule pressures. The fact is that failing to use a checklist is a serious mistake, because you can’t do much to resolve issues at 40,000 feet.

In an aircraft lives are at stake. In your facility, downtime, productivity, cost, and customer satisfaction are at stake. Industrial cleaning properly serviced on a regularly scheduled basis can eliminate significant problems in your production.

Why would any manager not want to better assure the productivity of their equipment and processes? Some, like pilots are too busy or too engaged in other responsibilities and find themselves in reaction mode when equipment is not in proper order, not to mention the problem of being prepared for audits.

industrial cleaning

 If a 350,000-pound aircraft can be lifted into the sky, there’s no reason we can’t lift your productivity.

A simple solution: Let Beacon Industrial Services support you with a well-thought-out checklist that will keep your equipment running smoothly and producing. It’s amazing that a checklist can save you money, equipment deterioration, service fees for rush response, and eliminate the aggravation. Plus, you’ll look good in the process. Beacon Industrial Services is one of the few companies that know how to assure these results. There’s no need to wait. Let us show you how to get consistently better results. Call us today for a confidential conversation. We’re ready before you need us.  (888) 671-3939


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